300 people marched in the Pute Pride

300 people marched in the Pute Pride
Today we are pleased to announce the birth of STRASS (Union of Sex Work) following the European Meeting Assises de la prostitution that took place last Friday 20th of March at the Théâtre de l’Odéon and after the Pute Pride which gathered together over 300 people.
The statutes are currently being tabled in the Paris Prefecture formalizing the existence of our union. The Bureau of the first union was elected Friday at the Assises de la prostitution for a provisional three months mandate to organize the recruitment of members and the first elections of our representatives.
We are proud to announce already since Friday the accession of at least 200 members and the existence of 5 federations nationally and still expect other membership forms in particular from the country.
One of our first actions will be to influence the next European elections candidates by reminding our demands. A letter will be sent soon asking them to focus on the manifest and declaration of rights for sex workers in Europe, written at the European Conference of sex workers in 2005 in Brussels.
A new website has been created where you can find various information relating to STRASS  www.strass-syndicat.org
For further information, please contact by phone:
Cadyne, Secretary General 06 18 44 68 99
Isabelle Schweiger, spokeswoman 06 71 59 27 36
Mistress Nikita, Treasurer 06 24 94 11 71
Or by mail: contact@strass-syndicat.org

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