We fight for the repeal of the law that criminalizes public soliciting. Since 2003, sex workers can get 2 months in prison and a 3750 euros fine for public soliciting whether active or passive. This law is used by the police in a complete arbitrary way and all sex workers working on the street are considered as criminals. It also isolates us (for example from structures of help and prevention), makes us precarious and more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and all sorts of abuse.

We demand that legal dispositions against “pimping” be repealed. These laws, supposed to protect us against exploitation are also an obstacle to the exercise of prostitution because they prevent us from organising ourselves (by making it illegal to share a work place for example) or to get help from outside. Because they accuse of “pimping” anyone who benefits from our income, including friends and family (unless they can prove otherwise), those dispositions also have for consequence to isolate us even more from the rest of the population.

Finally, we are strongly opposed to the criminalisation of clients. The law already sanctions sexual attacks as well as the “clients” of minors, particularly vulnerable people or victims of forced labour or trafficking. To go further by sanctioning the clients of adult sex workers, in the absence of any abuse or violence will not only be a blow to our sexual freedom but will also make our situation worse. We reject the idea that we are, on principle, victims that need to be saved, even against our will.