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STRASS denounces the German federal government’s plan to create a mandatory register for sex workers. 

This measure, far from protecting sex workers, is an exemple of how regulationist systems aim at controlling our lives and mobility, and excluding us from the common law. These discriminatory policies can only reinforce stigma and discrimination toward us. 

At time when many French sex workers flee France prohibitionist laws to work in neighbour countries including Germany, we are very worried about the consequences of such a law change, especially regarding our family and private life. The creation of a register and the risk associated to the loss of anonymity can have deep and serious outcomes for us, our loved ones and our children. 

We call on the German government and the European Union to reject and condemn all repressive policy and social control over sex workers. 

Neither abolition, nor regulation : Rights !

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STRASS, Syndicat du Travail Sexuel
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À partir du 21 mai 2018,

les Permanences du Strass se tiendront de 16h à 20h dans les locaux d’Acceptess-T :

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Ce nouveau lieu met à notre disposition un espace santé sexuelle

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  • en appelant au 0142292367
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Nous  vous invitons à la pendaison de crémaillère de notre nouveau lieu de permanence le lundi 21 mai dès 16h00.

Venez nombreuxSES !






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