Strass Syndicat du travail sexuel - TravailleurSES du sexe en lutte !

Public statement from Roses of Steel, Chinese sex worker organisation in Paris.

17th of December 2014, Paris

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

On this International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, you are all welcome to our gathering. As a representative of Chinese sex workers in Paris, let me make our voices heard.

What we aim is to: fight against all forms of violence and live in peace.

As one Chinese saying goes, there is one way to be happy and there are a thousand ways to be unhappy. Sex workers are engaged in this work, each for its own reasons, to survive, to live, because there is no alternative. Who, from the outside, can understand the joys and sorrows of our lives?

Despite the barriers of our inner world and our psychological constructions, despite profound dilemmas, we have chosen prostitution to live. When we made this choice, we could not imagine, and no one can imagine, the difficulties and worries that we endure. Every day we are on the alert: fear of disease, harsh looks from the neighbors, repetitive and unjustified police checks, the precariousness of our living and working conditions. Every day sex workers all over the world physically suffer all kinds of violence, even losing our life for some of us.

Among Chinese sex workers, who does not work every day in fear? Who does not fear violence, theft or rape? Who does not fear for her health, his safety? Who is not afraid of unmotivated identity checks, detentions or even deportations?

We have already endured more than our share of discrimination, humiliation and intimidation not only from the passersby on the street or the other Chinese, not only from criminals and offenders, but also from the police and of the state.

Today we wish to take this opportunity to speak to all the people who act violently against us, whether your act is spontaneous or premeditated. Maybe the person you are attacking have at home a child waiting for her return to eat or a sick relative who needs her help. Maybe you are living the same experiences as us, maybe your brothers or sisters have made choices in life similar to us. Maybe, whilst you are attacking us, your loved ones are experiencing the same difficulties we are. Maybe, maybe.

Change your beliefs, fight your demons. Together, let’s try and build a society that respects the welfare and health of all.

All together, let’s fight violence.

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STRASS, Syndicat du Travail Sexuel
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39 bis Boulevard Barbès
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Nous vous accueillons tous les lundis de 17h00 à 20h00 dans les locaux d’Acceptess-T :

39 bis Boulevard Barbès Paris 18

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L’étage et le code d’accès des locaux vous seront communiqués en appelant au :
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ou au
07 60 42 51 80

La permanence est exclusivement réservée aux TravailleurSEs Du Sexe. Elle met à votre disposition un espace de santé sexuelle et elle vous permet de venir parler de vos difficultés. C’est également un lieu de convivialité où s’invitent les discussions de toutes sortes, les colères ou les fou rire autour d’amuses gueules et de rafraichissements.

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