Strass Syndicat du travail sexuel - TravailleurSES du sexe en lutte !

International sex workers gathering

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the occupation of the church of St Nizers which started the 2nd of June 1975 and marked the beginning of the sex workers’ rights movement, we are inviting you the the International sex workers’ gathering that will take place on 31st of May and 1st of June in Lyon, followed by a  demonstration on the 2nd of June.

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Pour nous contacter

STRASS, Syndicat du Travail Sexuel
c/o Act Up-Paris
8 rue des Dunes
75019 PARIS

Permanence POUR LES TRAVAILLEUR-SE-S DU SEXE tous les jeudis de 17h à 21h dans nos locaux à Paris.

Nous contacter en cas de violences :


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